The Children’s Project

The “Kusi-Kusi” Children Programme

“kids” programme is focused on children that live on the outskirts of Huancayo. These areas are characterised by extreme social and economic poverty. Overall, basic public services, such as safe drinking water, sanitation, electricity, healthcare and infrastructure, are non-existent.

We find children in a chronic state of malnutrition, and who are exposed to dangerous street conditions and dysfunctional families (domestic violence, sexism, alcoholism, amongst others). These children either do not turn up for school or have been working since a young age to help sustain their families.

Our objective is to help change and improve this situation. Thus, we encourage education that motivates the children and helps to provide them with emotional support, to develop healthy self-esteem, to teach them to be responsible and respective of society and the environment, and, above all, to show them the importance of solidarity and human cooperation.

We work with children between the ages of 6 and 12 years old. We have developed a fun and practical teaching method, focused on encouraging knowledge on ethical values for their present and future.

Type of volunteering
Socio-emotional / educational / children

Duration of volunteering
We ask that volunteers commit to a period between a minimum of 4 weeks (negotiable) to a maximum of 12 weeks.

*The 2 week minimum duration is for the purposes of educational stability, in order to maintain continuity on the project and provide the children with trust and security.

Location of the project
In the marginal areas of the Andean city of Huancayo.

Responsibilities and type of candidates required
As previously mentioned, the objective is to provide emotional, material and instructive support to this sector. Therefore, previous work experience with children is recommended (but not mandatory).

We benefit greatly from students or professionals within this area, such as within the fields of psychology, social education, social work, teacher training, leisure management, pedagogy, occupational therapy or sociology.

IMPORTANT: It is not a problem if you do not have experience. By showing themselves to being responsible and willing to learn in this area, our volunteers can count on tailored advice from the project coordinators and director, in order for their work and voluntary contribution to be a great success.



Activities and Tools:-

Educational handicrafts (origami, drawing and painting, bakery etc.)

Theatre and acting
School support and tuition (English, maths etc.)
Active games for learning and interaction
Ecology and recycling
Hygiene and nutrition
Tolerance, self-esteem and confidence

*A minimum age of 19 (applications from candidates under 21 will be considered according to the maturity and level of responsibility required for the role)
*Proof of identity, such as a valid passport.
*Means of contact via social networking tools, such as Facebook or Skype.
*A completed application form.
*Volunteers must be able and willing to adapt, be enthusiastic and be considerate towards their peers and coordinators.
Be committed and responsible, and abide by basic rules of shared living in the accommodation and communal areas where you will be staying.
*Bring with you sufficient funds to cover personal costs, transportation and excursions.
Volunteers must have all required vaccinations and health insurance.
*We also accept non-paid, SHORT TERM internships.