A truly rewarding experience


Our internship program is aimed at achieving the personal and professional development of the participant, obtaining a greater and better understanding and experience based on an immersion and work quite direct and practical in development issues and improve the quality of life of the Andean people, This makes it possible to obtain first-hand experience in the various problems and to develop sustainable solutions for the improvement of the quality of life of these people and vulnerable populations focused on areas of extreme poverty.

In this aspect, our way of teamwork is very useful, where the inmate can offer his contribution and at the same time have the certainty of having the continuous support of our team, made up of people committed to social improvement and with extensive experience in issues of gender, community development, support for children and social projects, in addition to having knowledge of the Andean area, security and culture.

Objective of the internship:

  • To offer the graduate or student the possibility of knowing the work in the same field in a practical and direct way, in subjects of support and socio-economic development.
  • carry out field studies in the areas of interest, being able to carry out this work in coordination and collaboration of the members of the community and the organization.
  • Help the development of communities, groups and populations in extreme poverty, mainly in the central Andes of Peru with the realization of activities and projects with these communities.
  • help create a work plan and execute projects in cooperation and partnership with the organization.
  • help improve the management of the organization (included in the administrative and support area in the planning of the organization). Combining practical experience and empirical work to improve the experience of cultural exchange and immersion in Peruvian culture.
  • obtain a better knowledge and understanding of historical, social and cultural issues of Andean people and peoples.


  • Work with the members of the organization to carry out actions and projects in contact with social groups and vulnerable people (especially with children and mothers).
  • Search – diagnose social needs and problems, developing guidelines for the improvement of the quality of life of these people.
  • Study how to prevent the occurrence of social problems / risks in the target population.
  • Develop prevention and social assistance programs.
  • Supervise the various projects and activities that our organization runs in the communities.
  • participate in the understanding and implementation of various strategies to achieve the objectives of our social work,
  • Help in the administrative area and in the office-office work of the organization.
  • help to elaborate or obtain diverse photographic material, videos and information to produce media that can be shown in the different reports and media material that will be shown to the public and population, both in Peru and in the most popular social media.
  • obtain, collect and organize various qualitative and qualitative data to implement or improve the various projects, is a field work ..


  • Be 20 or more years old.
  • Level of Spanish: basic
  • have good physical health, as well as having emotional strength and resolve to meet challenges and objectives.
  • Minimum commitment: 8 weeks, that period can be extended upon request or need.
  • We need collaborators, adaptable people with an open and positive mentality.
  • It is quite important to have the ability to work and integrate into a fairly united multicultural team.
  • It is not necessary to have previous experience in the field of practice.


290 US dollars for each month of participation, 50% discount or elimination of this contribution for participations greater than one month and that have a good impact on our social work and integration in our philosophy of work and life.
(You can also request a discount for the first month, coordinate in that case with our local coordinator)


It is noteworthy to mention that our organization is driven by people with extensive university training and practical experience in social issues, our work as an organization has more than nine years of continuous work in Andean populations, this has made us obtain a practical and comprehensive domain in matters of : gender, social – economic development of the communities, ecology, emotional and psychological support of populations at risk, especially of children and women, as well as an empirical knowledge of the various forms of Andean and Inca culture, history and cosmovision.

all this can be of invaluable help for the obtaining of support and experience in the diverse subjects and areas that the boarding school can obtain as part of its integration in a quite human team. Our pillars are based on mutual help and reciprocity.