To place volunteers adequately, participants and coordinators have budgeted for renting a house furnished and stocked with basic necessities and food.
Since we are a small, self-managed organisation, we cannot offer free accommodation to our volunteers. The limited resources that we acquire go towards developing our projects.

Volunteer Accommodation

A place where you will have the opportunity to live and be in the company of other volunteers and the Coordinators.
Within this space, as a group we share all that our cultural diversity can offer, in a knowledgeable and fun way (from preparing new dishes, playing games, watching movies, celebrating events, preparing cocktails etc.)

The room that you will share with other volunteers will be clean and welcoming. However, depending on availability, you may also have a single room if you wish. We respect your personal space.

The house has all basic utilities such as water, electricity, bath and shower with hot water, internet and television.
In addition, we have created a small equipped office, to facilitate meetings and to coordinate the Organisation’s tasks in a more comfortable environment.


  • Accommodation in the Volunteer House .
    For more details visit the Contibution section of our website
  • Normally, volunteers leave the city on Saturdays and Sundays, to travel and go on excursions.
  • We DO NOT ask for advanced payment over the Internet.

Payments or donations must be done upon the volunteers’ arrival.

IMPORTANT – Communication and coordination relating to accepting volunteers is done directly through the Organisation Coordinator: (via telephone or Skype)