Volunteering in Cusco

Social volunteering project in Cusco

At the request of many people, our organization is opening this new opportunity to participate in social projects in Cusco and develop a social work to help many children, residents and women in the area, participate in this unique opportunity during the summer months and support a great social work, besides achieving a great cultural immersion and knowing the wonders of the Inka culture, machupichu, the mountains of colors, the sacred valley and much more!

Our organization has seen the need to help many families in Cusco from towns that have immigrated to the city, there, they live in a situation of extreme lack of economic means to give their children better educational opportunities, there is great dropout, deficiency of means to access basic food and health, besides family violence problems and adaptation to a city environment, as well as suffer a socio-cultural exclusion from non-inclusive forms and mentalities of Western type, own of the traditional formal culture of Peru.

Our volunteers will volunteer in one of our social projects for approximately 4-5 hours a day. These projects include language teaching programs, tutoring, educational support, revaluation of the Andean and Inca culture, notions of ecology, health, cleanliness, new social skills, crafts and sports. Children and women come from low-income families. Keep in mind that you can be teaching individually or you can be an assistant teacher in an English class that has a large number of students.

This project includes personalized assistance, craft workshops, group talks, classes in our small alternative school, sports activities, you also have to be open to perform various activities such as getting and preparing materials and children’s classes

You have to be able to adapt and improvise to the material resources available, because our project is small and that it imparts in a more personalized way or in small groups all our notions of teaching, workshops and activities with children and women.


The accommodation is included. The volunteers stay, together with the project coordinator in a department that is sufficiently equipped, this environment has plenty of drinking water, electricity, WIFI interenet, basically equipped kitchen, room with one or two more volunteers, however they are comfortable enough, ( we do not crowded people) there is also a great atmosphere of fellowship and collaboration, from preparing a meal together or watching a movie, it is also a place where we coordinate activities and day to day.

. If volunteers want to eat outside, there are a lot of restaurants in the city chosen for all tastes and budgets, from traditional Andean or Cusco food to places where to get European or American style food, in addition there are numerous shops and supermarkets, there you can Find a variety of foods to your own liking and cook them at home.


The first day of your program, your orientation will begin and be carried out by our coordinator. It will cover everything you need to know for your volunteer placement in the city, including a cultural introduction to Peru, Peruvian customs, Spanish language information, organization rules and suggestions for a good stay, information related to your safety, travel opportunities in Peru and an introduction to your project and location. This information will be given individually and also in groups, depending on the number of volunteers that coincide by period.

There is also an option to learn or improve your level of Spanish, we recommend taking a learning course for the purpose of greater and better communication with members and participants of the projects, there are discounts per group

Volunteer day

While we are quite flexible and can meet your requirements, normally, an example of a typical day is as follows:

8-9 am, breakfast

9:30 am arrival to the project with the community

12:30 am break

after lunch we must be in the project with the children around 3:30 pm. the various activities last until 6 Pm. We do not exempt this period because children must return home early


On the weekend, volunteers have free time and generally relax or take advantage of the opportunity to explore other parts of their local city and the tourist attractions of Cusco and surroundings such as Machu Picchu.

We will also be happy to make visits to the city and its interesting places, such as the Plaza de Armas, the traditional markets to the Sacsayhuaman fortress and other interesting sites.


  • The minimum age for volunteers is 18 years, minors are also admitted at this age, but in the company of older relatives or school groups, etec.
  • No previous experience as a volunteer or other qualifications is needed.
  • You have to be aware that you have to adapt, understand and know the cultural difference.
  • Have the ability to keep the group together and integrate into the various activities we organize
  • Application Process:
  • Step one, fill out and send us the Application Form with as much useful information as possible.
  • It is useful to also send us your resume or resume with an updated photo
  • Once we receive your request, we will review it and notify you within a few days of your acceptance status.
  • After booking your place, book your flight and send us your flight information so that we can schedule your pickup at the airport.
  • The total contribution amount per month is 300 Euros for each month of participation and must be effective the first day of your arrival to the project

economic contribution for the Cusco project:

  • only one economic contribution of 350 US dollars per month is requested.
  • You can also participate for periods less than one month, the contribution in this regard is:
    290 dollars for two weeks
    320 dollars for three weeks
  • discounts for groups of more than four people.


What is included:

  • Pick up from the airport or bus station, includes the taxi.
  • basic work materials
  • detailed information on local culture, places of interest and travel.
  • advice, support and continuous training.
  • Accommodation from Monday to Sunday.
  • City tour and interesting nearby places
  • Certification for your participation as a volunteer
  • Transportation to the voluntary project the first day.
  • Free coffee and tea.
  • unlimited Wi-Fi internet access at no cost
  • Practical Spanish classes

no  Included:

Flight to Peru, mobility, meals, vaccinations, travel insurance are not included.

  • Available summer months (June-August)
  • work on social projects directly
  • Projects based in the city of Cusco
  • Warm, comfortable accommodation with many cultural exchange activities
  • visits to interesting and incredible places in the city and surroundings
  • practical Spanish course
  • groups of 8 to 12 volunteers per month
  • personalized support 24 hours a day
  • security
  • participate for a single contribution of 300 Euros every month
  • participate for a single contribution of 300 Euros every month
  • limited vacancies, make your reservation now!