Pacha Project of Cusco

We are a volunteer social work organization that works with its own projects and in a non-commercial way with the aim of helping people and communities of the Peruvian Andes who are in a situation of abandonment, risk and exclusion, we work in three areas:

  • community support, mainly helping to improve the quality of life and infrastructure of the populations, are entirely practical projects.
  •  empowerment of Andean women in gender, health, nutrition, human rights, emotional-psychological support, as well as organization of self-help groups
  • Improvement in the education and emotional-emotional support of children at risk and vulnerability, workshops, sports and outdoor educational games, with many learning and training activities, social skills, ecology and self-esteem.

Work content:

our work is entirely practical and direct in the populations that we help, normally voluntary work groups that intervene directly in support of the people and communities most in need of help, this is a fairly direct and rewarding form of work from the point of view of an immersion and cultural exchange, as well as a comforting form of social help face to face with the people of our projects.

  • Duration:  1 to 2 weeks (adaptable) For stays of up to one month or a longer stay, coordinate with our Cusco team.
  • Location: areas and populations around the Andean city of Cusco
  • Availability period: from December 2018 and all the year 2019 from January to December.
  • Classes and activities:
    *with the kids:
    English teaching, dance classes, acting, ecology, help with homework, drawing and painting, outdoor sports, educational games, yoga, tutoring, crafts, baking, cleaning and health education, social skills teaching,
    * Wiith the community:improvement of houses, outdoor workshops, surveys and visits to the community, prepare classes, obtain materials, we are open to new ideas!
    – Flexible schedule; From Monday to Friday from 6 to 8 hours per day. mornings and afternoons

* Requirements:

  • Being over 18 years
  • English language
  • personal identification documentation.
  • motivation letter and curriculum vitae
  • It is not necessary to have previous experience or training in the area.
  • ability to work in a multicultural team
  • have a adaptable, open and positive mentality.

* What is included:

  • Acommodation
  • continuous advice
  • work materials
  • breakfast
  • lunch (optional)
  • airport pickup
  • fully customized support
  • city Tour
  • Activities and fully experimental courses:
    * Spanish and Quechua language, the language of the Incas.
    * Exchange of food, cakes, sweets and cocktails (Peruvian style)
    * city tours
    * Information about Andean and Inca culture and history
    * information about tourist destinations in Peru.
    * Improve your level of Spanish in a practical way
    * Official certificate of voluntary work
    * (optional) know  the Andean cosmovision and mysticism of the Andean culture, Inka reiki and yoga.

* Accommodation :

Optionally, the volunteer will stay at the organization’s house, located half an hour by bus from the center of Cusco, it is a comfortable and warm environment, there, in the company of other volunteers and coordinators, you can enjoy basic comforts, electric light , hot water in the showers, also is equipped with a kitchen to prepare your own food, also has fast and reliable Internet connection.

normally you will have to share the room with other volunteers (one or two at the most) however, there is also the possibility of obtaining an individual room with an extra charge, for more details coordinate with the coordinator of the project in Cusco, you can also visit the Accommodation section of our website.

Contribution (exclusively for the Cusco project)

To cover our operating expenses as an organization and make all our activities and projects possible, we request a contribution per participation period:

  • Economic contribution for each month : ……………………. 350 US Dollar
  • The minimum amount of contribution is 250 dollars for a week, and 34 dollars for each additional week.
  • discount of 50% of the amount of the monthly contribution from the second month of participation to those people with a good degree of participation in our organization (elimination of this fee to coordinators, collaborators or friends of the organization)


  • The process of aplication and acceptance lasts three to seven business days, you have to be attentive and follow the process.
  • You must send us in the application form with the requested data
  • send curriculum vitae and motivation letter when we ask for it, not before.
  • contact by social network like facebook, we also have a page there.
  • an interview via Skype.