On weekends we organize group excursions to many interesting places, these excursions have a non-commercial character, here some of the attractions:

Ruins that pre-date the Incas, the Warivilca Fortified Temple (30 minutes)

The snowy Huaytapallana (6 hours from the project)

Costume dance in Jauja, Junín

Cochas, an artisan village

Picture of the Virgin Mary – 35 metres high, in Concepción, 45 minutes from the project – it is possible to see the view of the whole valley by climbing up to the head
Real Plaza shopping centre complex, in Huancayo – there is a large supermarket, cinemas, shops, where you can find everything

Or, if you feel like it, you can browse in the many artisan shops that offer beautiful objects (ornaments, cloth, Andean clothing using alpaca wool etc.)

We can cook Peruvian dishes and swap cultural cooking knowledge.

Central Forest

Breathtaking stop, in Moya – 2 hours from the project

Ñawinpuquio Lake – 1 hour from the project, by bus

View from the Ñawinpuquio Lake

Beautiful view of a snowy Andean peak, Valle Mantaro

Late afternoon in the Valle del Mantaro, Junín, Peru

Visit to an artisan village, Cochas (half an hour from the project)

A beautiful Andean stop (15 minutes from the project, on foot)

Torre Torre – a cliff face made up of strange and curious shapes, carved by the wind (15 minutes from the project, on foot)

Costume dance of Huancayo, Junín

Cerrito – beautiful areas and the outlook point of the city of Huancayo

Ruins that pre-date the Incas, from the Huanca culture

Walk, enjoying the beautiful landscape of Valle del Mantaro

Paca Lake, Jauja, in Valle del Mantaro (1 hour from the project)

Torre Torre – close to the project