Our organization works in a self-financed way, we collect almost all of our resources from the volunteers’ contribution, this money helps us to boost our organization and keep our projects alive, as you will understand, a legally constituted organization that works formally has many expenses Because we do not receive money from the government or other organizations.

General contribution to the organization:
  • The contribution for the first month is 240 Euros and 190 Euros for the following months.
  • this concept must be paid in cash on the second day of your arrival at the project
Meals (optional)check availability
Important details:
* discounts or exoneration of the  contribution  for people who wish a greater commitment or collaboration with the organization (coordinators, collaborators or friends of the association) previous evaluation, vacancies limited by period, consult or coordinate availability with the coordinator in Peru.

* This contribicion includes:

  •  Accommodation in the house of the Organization in a comfortable room, usually shared with a volunteer, option of individual room according to availability.
  • bathrooms equipped with hot water.
  • Taxi pick up from the Huancayo bus station to the organization’s house, does not include pick up from the nearest airport (Jauja)
  • basic course of practical Spanish and Quechua (optional)
  • basic materials.
  • Internet WIFI 
  • Group excursions Without guiding cost to interesting sites in the Mantaro valley and surrounding areas (lagoons, mountains, artisan villages.camping, central jungle, snow-capped mountains, country walks etc.)
  • courses or exchange in:  bakery, meals, cocktails.
  • Introduction to the Andean culture cradle of the Inca civilization, Quechua language, Incan cosmovision,  andean reiki and yoga. (optional)*
  • official certification (under request)
  • advice and continuous support of people with training and extensive experience in social, cultural and economic projects of the Andean world
  • access to equipped kitchen, living room, large terrace to rest, garden and other basic amenities.
    **(Optional and only for interested people) experience the various forms of self-healing energy, positive rituals, cosmovision and Andean mysticism, Andean Reiki, healing with plants, yoga, Pacha Mama and others.

* NOT included in the contribution:

  • Travel Insurance
  • air passages and vaccination.
  • Personal expenses
  • Personal cleaning materials

**Important note:

This contribution guarantees the continuity and sustainability of the organization and all its projects; It also supports administrative costs, web development, services and staff (coordinators, assistants and others)
It also enables us to obtain Project and Program Material.
It is important to know that your contribution helps us with the direct expenses of our own projects, rent of premises and materials, are real expenses, we do not make intermediary to schools or institutions of third parties, if this were so, our expenses would be much lower, thanks For your understandinUS Dollars