Sharing Dreams Project is a non-profit organization based in The Central Andes, is managed and driven by volunteers. It is legally registered in the Public Registries of Peru, year 2009.

We have developed social programs, without intermediaries, in the most vulnerable villages of the Peruvian Andes, where there is the greatest concentration of people living in extreme poverty and economic, social and cultural exclusion.

We offer a different form of non-commercial volunteering. This aims to organize groups that use their own resources to improve and promote self-development and quality of life and to contribute to preserve their ancient Andean culture, which focuses on mutual support, reciprocity and respect for mother earth.

Be part of our programs and interesting activities:

empowerment of women

Our project "Warmy" promotes the empowerment of Andean women as a means of personal and group improvement. You can participate and help these people dream about a better tomorrow

Project with children

This project is aimed at helping to improve the education and self-esteem of many children from Quechuas families in difficult conditions of life, helps to give a better quality of life and education .

excursions and Cultural exchange

It is a completely experiential way of knowing the Andean culture of Peru firsthand, visiting towns, mountains, lakes and experiencing the way of life and the Andean culture, which is still alive in the Peruvian Andes.

work with the community

It helps the Andean communities in a very direct way, it is a rewarding way to improve the quality of life of these people, and at the same time, to know their life and culture in a natural and quite real way.

our principles

We base our principles on self-development, work freedom and a flat-structured team. We are open to all ideas, and thus, planning is coordinated by all participants. In addition, our Organisation is open to participation from any who wish to collaborate with us and be an integral part of our team. We invite you to become part of this rewarding experience, driven by you, where, as part of the team, you will become acquainted with and enjoy first-hand the culture of this ancient land and all its wonders.

Volunteering with the Sharing Dreams Project is an intense cross cultural learning experience. The needs are varied and large among the families in the program, yet smiles and genuine personal relations are the norm. Frank and the other “tichers” are highly respected and warmly received.

I taught my first English lessons to elementary students and constructed an improved wood cook stove out of mud and bricks for a poor family cooking daily meals on an open fire. I breathed laboriously at the high altitude of the Mantaro Valley and learned first hand about muddy paths, Andean thunderstorms, and mountain travel by bus. I left with extended good byes, hugs from new friends and tears in my eyes.

Peter Wotowiec (USA)

I came to Huancayo in March 2012 to work with children through “Sharing dreams”, and did absolutley loved the feeling of actually teaching those children something. Even though my Spanish was limited the children helped me out and together we could understand each other, and both learn. “Sharing dreams” is a small organization where you work not only direkt with the children but also with the family that runs it, and there for you get the oppertunity to make your voice heard within the projekt, and the things you find important will be listened to. Not only will never forgett the projekt, but also the food, that most of it was completley new to me. The family that I got to know, that helped me, not only with my Spanish but also with understanding the Peruvian coulture. I am very thankful for my time here and will never forget

Timy Larson (Sweden)

I took part of the project for three weeks in March and had an amazing time with the children of Huancayo. I got to make an impact by teaching english with the little knowledge in spanish I had from before and I did as well have plenty of time to improve my spanish in a way I’d never done before. I did also get to know the peruvian culture through my stay with the family, cooking and through visiting various wonderful places near the city. If you want to make a visible change, a small direct organization such as “sharing dreams” is the best way to do it. Here your suggestions on improvements are valueble and are always listened to and since the project is very open minded they will make sure they take care of any possible skill you may have.

Mina lilcrona (Sweden)

I volunteered for the community project, which main purpose was to build brick ovens for the poorest people in the rural area of Junin. It was incredible to see with my own eyes, how little effort from our side, could make such a big difference in the everyday life of the people in need. With only couple of hours work a day, we were able to provide them the possibility of healthier life. On some afternoons we had free time, which I spent teaching English to little children. I was very nervous at the beginning because I didn’t have any teaching experience and my Spanish was not very good. However, the children were so positive and eager to learn, that they made it very easy for me. We were able to learn from each other and have fun at the same time. Outside the volunteer work I was also able to make a lot of new friends. The people in Peru are very genuine and friendly and make the first contact very easy. I will always remember my first shared taxi with people, that I have never seen before. I will definitely do this again, as long as I have the time and the financial resources available.

Vladimir Gruev (Bulgaria)